Gospel's Story


Gospel's Story

There is nothing worse to many horse owners than having an injured or ill horse and not having any way to help them. This was the situation in which we found ourselves. Our big show jumper named Gospel Hour developed laminitis following a surgery to correct an old injury. After a two month stay in a veterinary hospital, we were able to save him, but that was just the beginning of this journey. We were on a roller-coaster ride for a long time. With tendons cut and sidewalls removed, he survived and fought to live every step of the way, and step he did. He was our miracle. After time, the tendon on the leg with a club foot started to shorten, knot up. We tried everything, ultrasound, stretching, therapy. We made progress, but it never lasted. We researched everything, surely for a horse that had fought this hard to live and heal, this could not be the end. Then, on our monthly visit to the clinic, the news we got was not good, the deep flexor was pulling the coffin bone of that club foot, he was losing sole depth at an alarming rate. The pull on the tendon was forcing the coffin bone to tip downward, if it continued, the bone would go through the bottom of his foot. They told us Gospel would probably not make it until Christmas.
We were frantic to find an answer.

I had read about a therapy that used light and I had collected quite a bit of research. As it turned out, this therapy had been used on horses for years, since the mid 80's. There was documentation from all over the world. How could little lights actually help heal tissue? I had to know more. It sounded very promising, but at that time, it was so expensive, thousands of dollars. While discussing this one day with a friend at my kitchen table, my husband, who is an engineer, overheard the conversation. He said "Let me see what you have," then came to me later and said, "I can make this," and he did. We began using our light pad on Gospel daily, and needless to say, he made through that Christmas and many more.
Initially, we were only looking for a way to help Gospel, not begin a business, but as he improved, word spread and people started to ask us to help their animal friends, both horses and dogs. In 2002 we reserved the name, EquineLightTherapy.com, our first pads were used by therapists and veterinarians who we knew and on horses in our own barn. 
Soon we had so many requests, we began to search for a way to affordably manufacture Gospel's light pads. And here we are, we launched our website in 2005 and now horses and dogs all over the world have used our Equine and Canine Light Therapy pads.

Our goal is to provide quality light therapy products that are safe, effective and affordable, great light therapy products for horse and dog owners and for health care professionals and trainers.
The stories we have gotten from many who have used Gospel's light therapy pads have been amazing.

Thank you for your interest in Equine and Canine Light Therapy, it is Gospel's legacy to all animals.

Christina & Dennis Reguli
And, of course,
Gospel Hour

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