We know from the research that light therapy helps promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and relieve pain which aids in maintenance and recovery.
We know from our customers that it works! We have been helping people help their animals since 2004!
To learn more about light therapy and how it can help your animals, take a look at the video below.


Kim and Daze

"This video compilation began at about week 3 of deteriorating bilateral elbow OA in my 11-year-old ACD. Daze didn’t get up for breakfast on 1/24/2021. I made a last-ditch call to the vet to get X-rays to see how bad his arthritis had progressed. He couldn’t walk. It was painful for me to watch him. He’s on pain medication however it did not seem to be helping to the degree it once had.

We got radiographs and made an appointment with the specialist but their first available appointment was a month out! I wasn’t sure what to do in the interim. I wasn’t sure I could watch him in that much pain for another month.

I had heard of According to Gospel light pads and read promising studies on PubMed about red light. I ordered them. I began using them immediately when it was delivered, 1/26/2021.

This video is a compilation. The first video was 1/24, then 1/25, then red light began 1/26. The much-improved gait was 1/29 after two times per day sessions for four days. The last video on leash was 2/14.

Some days are better than others but none have been like before using the light pads. We finally had our follow-up today with the specialist. The ortho surgeon said he couldn’t believe the dog could walk as well as he was walking after reviewing his radiographs and feeling all the crepitus in both of his elbows."

Unbelievable. And THANKS.

~Kim and Daze


Repairing your light therapy pad.

If your Light Therapy pad is out of warranty or is damaged, don't panic! Contact us and we will repair it as economically as possible. The pad will have to be examined by us to determine the cost. We do all repairs in our facility and if received on a weekday, we will have your repaired pad on its way back to you within 24 hours. All of our light therapy pads are repairable!

Please send your light therapy pad to us in a box (never send it in an envelope). Make sure you wrap it with some padding material, such as bubble wrap. Include a note with your contact information and the problem you are experiencing.

When your repair is completed we will send the pad back to you if it is under warranty. If not a warranty repair, we will email an invoice to you, you can either call us with your credit card information or we can send an invoice to you via Paypal.

Please send your repair to this address;
Equine/Canine Light Therapy
1245 Northgate Business Parkway
Madison, TN 37115
Attn: Repair

A few of our wonderful clients enjoying their Equine and Canine Light Therapy treatments.
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Let us know if you have questions.

Photizo Vetcare

We've had so many requests for the addition of a handheld unit to our lineup of light therapy pads and we were determined to find just the right one. We tested and tested samples from the market trying to find the perfect addition. We didn’t want to offer a flashlight made in China, we wanted something of great quality. We found it! We have partnered with Photizo Light Therapy to become an Authorized Reseller to bring you Vetcare!


Crystal Kelly uses light therapy to treat a mare who is running out of time.

I started treatments at end of July 2018 due to a diagnosis of Laminitis on 17 year old ex racehorse. At the beginning she was rocking onto her hinds to maneuver to feed and water but spent most of day and night laying down. Her Veterinarian recommended euthanizing her due to the severity of case.
I used the “Gospel’s” Equine Light Therapy pads on her front legs and hooves with body massages. By the 3rd week she was leaving her stall, eating all her feed and when I’d show up for her treatment she was nickering to me and had excitement in her eyes. After her 5th week she was hot on the lead again, when turned out she was bucking, running and acting like a youthful colt.
Watching the transformation of a horse that was to be put down to being a new horse again is a very emotional event. I’m so thankful for having the right equipment to help with such a great recovery.
Thank you!!!
Crystal Kelly
CK Equine Massage & Farrier Services


Margaret A. Naeser, Ph.D. talks about new treatment for traumatic brain injury.


Our light therapy pads are not just for use on injuries. We have many trainers, therapists and owners who use them to keep their athletes in tip top shape! Perfect example, Darrell Vaughn of  Vaughn Equestrian and Stable on the Woods performing a little "tune up" before jumping at the AEC.



Emma's Story
Our dogs work hard and they play hard!  Sometimes the stress and strain can take a toll.  That's where we come in!!  Our Equine and Canine Light Therapy pads can help them play longer and be stronger!  This is Emma, she achieved her personal best Flyball time just one month after she began using her Light Therapy pad!!




Ways to Use "Gospel's" Large Light Therapy pad!
So many uses for "Gospel's" Large Light Therapy pad!
Our client Stella and her owner Jaclyn are showing the wonderful ways "Gospel's" Large Equine Light Therapy pad can be used all over the horse for improved performance and faster healing!
This video shows our previous model, ELT-2-176 our new model, ECLT-4-264 is 12" wide X 17" long and has 264 LEDs!!


Maintenance and Performance! Dogs love to play hard! Our Canine Light Therapy pads can help relieve some of the stress and strain to help all our canine friends play longer and stronger!! So Go Play!!

Maintenance and Performance!
Dogs love to play hard! Our Canine Light Therapy pads can help relieve some of the stress and strain to help all our canine friends play longer and stronger!!  So Go Play!!