We provide a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on all Equine/Canine Light Therapy pads. We test each pad to ensure its reliability, but if you have a problem, contact us immediately and we will arrange to have your Light Therapy pad repaired or replaced.

This warranty does not cover pads that have sustained any physical damage such as broken lights, damaged cords, pads that have been stepped on by a horse or not properly used.

If your Light Therapy pad is out of warranty or is damaged by an incident not covered under warranty, don't panic! Contact us and we will repair it as economically as possible. The pad will have to be examined by us to determine the cost. We do all repairs in our facility and if received on a weekday, we will have your repaired pad on its way back to you within 24 hours.  All of our light therapy pads are repairable!