Warning! The stories below contain before and after photos of wounds, some are pretty extreme. All were able to heal dramatically with the use of our Light Therapy pads. Please stop scrolling here if you do not wish to see them.

Hello. Just wanted to share my horse's story with you. Mid-november my horse came in with quite a cut to his left hind. Luckily he did not injure any soft tissue. However, it was a mighty wound to heal. I've had to heal cuts like this before and it's not fun. He had 10 stitches, but some of them popped. Then they put a drain in after they pulled the stitches which ripped open half of it. Here are some more photos of that…This was my first time using red light. I used it 1-2 times a day, every day. In 5 weeks Kevin was to the point of me getting back on him. The healing was amazing. Just look at the photos of day 1 and at 5 weeks. Thank you!

Dory Tuohey (and Kevin)

Stryker’s Story
On June 2nd I found Stryker with this big hole in his side. He must have got caught on something in the bush. It could not be stitched. The wound had to stay open and heal from the inside out. The vet initially told us the recovery time would be 9 to 12 months and we didn't know, if he'd ever be rideable again.

A friend offered us her According to Gospel Equine Light Therapy Pad, so on day 12 we started light therapy. We used it twice a day on Stryker and he started healing in record time!

Now, only 4 months later, he is almost completely healed, not lame and we are back on the trails.

Needless to say, I ordered and have my own light therapy pad now!

Melina West from BC, Canada

Pete Reinert’s Story

On March 3rd I had a mare get cut on a corner of windbreak that had been covered with belting but somehow had gotten uncovered. We took her in that very day and had Dr Bill Headlee sew her up. He did an amazing job. Shannon recommended buying a equine light therapy unit for her. 1 week later I started giving her 2 treatments a day for 3 weeks then dropped down to 1 treatment a day for the last week. I removed her stitches after 40 days and her wound looks amazing. The equine light therapy unit can be used to treat a wide variety of issues in both horses and dogs.

74 days from the day she was cut and stitched up we took her out for a ride...no issues...she wasn’t hesitant about being saddled and she showed no discomfort at all. We were able to ride her almost 4 months earlier than the vet originally anticipated. None of this would have been possible without Equine Light Therapy.
Thank you for such a wonderful product and the info and advice over the last 2 months...because of you and your product my horse will be back performing as a rope/barrel horse sooner than the vet expected!


HUGE thank you for your wonderful product. One of our whippets, Phargus, got a huge hematoma on the interior of his front leg Monday in our yard (trying to catch a squirrel). Three daily treatments of 10 minutes each has shown phenomenal progress ... photos are of 1 hour after the injury, 1 day after, and tonight, a mere 4 days later!
M. Magee

Canine Light Therapy works on cats too!

Barbara's Story
Barbara was attacked and seriously injured by an animal unknown to us. Her left side was seriously wounded with punctures wounds to front and rear left legs and face. The veterinarian kept her for a few days before I brought her home. Her rear left leg was injured, but she had begun to use it some when I picked her up. However, she had no use of her front left leg, and it was uncertain if she would ever regain use of it.
After one week of having her home, she still showed no use or any attempt to use her front left leg. It was dead weight she was carrying around. Every day I would tug at it, and prod my finger in her paw as to elicit a response as it did in her good front leg, but to no avail.
That's when I called you and ordered a light pad. After getting the LED light pad in the mail, I began administering it to Barbara twice daily. After two days of the therapy, my prodding of her left front paw elicited her pushing back on my finger and extracting her claws as to grab hold of my finger. The fourth day of therapy, I found her pawing at an insect on the floor with the injured leg. And after a week of therapy, she began to exert weight on the foot while walking, doing so with a limp. I continued the therapy for another four weeks.
Fast forward to today…Barbara has full use of her rear and front left legs, walking, running, and jumping freely. Her front left leg seems to have somewhat of slight hitch in it, pushing outward a little more than her right knee when she walks, somewhat like a John Wayne swagger. But she has full use of it and seems just fine. I’m convinced the light therapy healed her leg, or at least accelerated the healing process.
Devin D.

Old English Sheepdog's serious infection begins to heal only after using Canine Light Therapy.

Heather's Story
I purchased a large light for my horse a while back…And it has helped his arthritis.
I am now using it on my Old English Sheepdog who got a very bad infected tick bite which spread into a very difficult MRSA staph infection which we have been struggling to treat for almost 8 months due to an underlying autoimmune disorder. Within 3 days of starting the light therapy the wounds that would not close for 8 months began to close.
I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been through thousands of dollars in vet bills and two different vets…and we were running out of options. I have also passed along to my vet, how this has really helped my dog turn the corner on that difficult infection. He is going to recommend it to his other patients.
Thank you, Heather


Joggi's Story
In 2009,  Joggi, an 18 year old Warmblood cross, fell and badly injured his stifles. The injury was so severe that the stifle joint was visible on the left side. A veterinarian treated the injuries but could not close the stifle wounds with sutures, the biggest danger feared was infection in the joints.

The hole in his left stifle was large enough to insert 4 fingers, about 4 inches deep. A daily regiment of flushing and packing the wound was started by the barn staff.
Light Therapy treatment was added the morning after the accident for 10 minutes per area twice a day with According to “Gospel”… Equine Light Therapy Pads.
Joggi was in a great deal of pain and was being given 4 grams of bute per day. Even with the bute, he was reluctant to walk forward or bear weight on his leg. When we arrived at the barn on the fourth day, the barn manager told us he was walking so much better, they had cut his dosage in half.

Two weeks after his injury, the healing was dramatic, it still looked bad, but the tissue that was forming was healthy and pink and the swelling was reduced. One month after his accident, the hole that you could insert all four fingers into was a fraction of the diameter and half the depth. We also used the light pad on the side of the stifle so we would not close the hole and leave a pocket inside.
Everyone was very pleased with how fast and cleanly Joggi healed, no proud flesh and his hair even came back in his natural color, not white.

Warmblood Hunter heals fast with Equine Light Therapy after very serious stifle injuries.

With only a slight scar as a reminder of his injury, Joggi is back to work, jumping courses like the pro he is!


Bailey's Story 
Bailey, an older sweetie, had a fatty tumor in her groin area that got infected and burst, leaving a hole that would not heal. Her owner contacted us to see if light therapy would help. You can see the results using the Small Light Therapy pad for only 3 weeks! Her owner began treating Bailey on August 8th! The final photo is August 27th! She wrote, "You certainly helped Bailey out a whole lot! Thank you again so much....this old dog is happy again and chasing squirrels!!
That's why we do it!!


Dancer's Story
Our horse Dancer was hit by a car on March 25, 2006, the wound was quite severe and tore the muscle to the bone. I thankfully had a therapist with me that had one of your Equine Light Therapy pads and we began using it immediately on the wound. Dancer was given about a 20% chance of walking and the proud flesh was to be extensive. I am convinced that because of your Equine Light Therapy pad and Figerola suspensory supplement, she lost no skin at the sight, and no proud flesh appeared. It was no less than a miracle and I thank you for your product. I am sending you pictures at 16 days, 3 months, 5 months and on January 27, (10 months after the accident) Dancer is in the ring working on strengthening her muscles.

Cindy Hellyer


Jake's Story
Hey Christina,

I've attached a couple of pictures of my gelding's back from this summer. The first picture was taken two days after the bite (he was attacked by another gelding). The second picture was two weeks later. I cold hosed the wound every day, then covered your pad with saran wrap so it wouldn't get dirty and used the Equine Light Therapy pad for 8 minutes. I finished up with a light coat of Silvedene. I figured he was done for the summer, but by the next shoeing cycle I was on his back. The last photo of his back was taken this fall. You really can't see a scar at all. Pretty incredible....

Susan May, TBMI Eq., Cn
New Day Equine Rehabilitation
Columbia, VA