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Equine Light Therapy®

"Gospel's" Itty-Bitty

"Gospel's" Itty-Bitty

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"Gospel's" Itty-Bitty
4-1/2"x 9-1/2" 
(24.1cm x 11.4cm) has 33 LEDs!   
15 visible red (660nm) and 18 near infrared (850nm)
Internal Timer turns pad off after recommended time
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Whether you are trying to treat a tight, hard to reach spot on your horse or dog or you have a small dog or cat who needs a little light, this pad is purr-fect.  It is 4"x 9-1/2", half the size of our Small Light Therapy pad and has 15 visible red and 18 near infrared LEDs.  Our prototype was used for a hard to treat case of bronchitis in a tiny rat terrier, a thyroid surgery recovery on a sweet beagle and the poll of a warmblood mare with EPM.   

Included: Everything you need!
"Gospel's" Itty-Bitty
Two velcro straps
Switching mode power supply with 10 foot cord
Power supply plugs into outlet or extension cord
Printed cloth bag included
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